Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother's Day Haul

 Hi everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and share my "mother's day haul" from last weekend.  Let me first say that the "haul" I cherish the most is all the love I receive every day from Mr. Bluebird and our sweet daughter.  That is by far more than I can hope for each and every day.

However.....I can't complain about a few gifts now and then, can I?

Mr. Bluebird and I went to my favorite antique mall in our area and I found a few little things.  First up, this cute tomato basket.  Love the patina and it makes a neat spot for some potted plants.

I love advertising graphics, so the green and red on this basket made me smile.  

I also picked up a cool green gallon jug (for $3.00!) and a little vintage 'roo - thought he'd look cute in a vignette.

I love that his paint job is a little worn - all about the character at the Bluebird house.

We also stopped at WalMart (like every one does on Mother's Day.....????)  Picked up a Mason jar style bird feeder.  It looks great hanging from one of our maple trees.

My giant sized Mother's Day gift was Presidio patio furniture from Kohls.  We are adding on to our patio and having a large seating area with a firepit installed.  We have been looking and looking for outdoor wicker and after much research, decided the Presidio was perfect for us.   This is just a photo from the Kohls web site, but I am so looking forward to lounging by the fire this summer and fall.

One of the lounge chairs was delivered on Friday, so Mr. Bluebird got to work and put it together.  I am lucky to have him!  He even put it together with a smile!

Lastly, my favorite, most heartfelt gift came from my daughter.  Come July, she will be moving to Virginia for graduate school....a long, long way from home. I sure will miss her when she is gone, but I am so proud of her as well.

All these years, I tried to tell her to stay within a three county radius of home, lol!

 I was one blessed and spoiled mama this past Mother's Day.  Not sure I deserved it, but who I am I to question? Ha!

Hope you will come back later today for the second of my three part "About Me Monday" series.

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  1. You are all set for summer. I love your coffee mug. That's pretty special. :)

  2. What wonderful gifts!!! A daughter's love like that of yours is so special!
    I need to go to Walmart for one of those bird feeders!!
    Your outdoor living area is going to be fantastic!!!