Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Many Faves of May

Hi Everyone!

As I turned the calendar to May (what happened to April???), I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that help get my summer vibe started up. Can I have a "vibe" at my age, you ask?  Why, yes I can, lol!

My first fave is Philosophy Lemon Custard shower gel, body mousse and fragrance spray. This is totally my go to summer fragrance - light and fresh. I just bought a 64 ounce mega bottle of the gel, lol! Love, love, LOVE this fragrance line. A little pricey, but totally worth the splurge as far as I'm concerned.

The next summer must have is a product I use year round, but it really makes a name for itself during the hot and sultry days of summer.
ELF makeup setting mist will only set you back $3.00 - yep, three bucks.  This product gives your makeup staying power beyond belief. It is truly the postal service of setting mists..."through rain and snow and gloom of night," this product keeps your makeup looking good through it all.

When I first saw these "midi" rings, I'll admit I thought they were kind of goofy - as in a ring that doesn't go over your knuckle goofy. But I 've had a change of heart and I've been wearing this Lauren  Conrad ring every day. I am somewhat obsessed with looking at it and admiring how it looks on my finger. It has sass - and summer is the perfect time for sass!

May marks the time of year in my part of the country where patios put on their summer finery and the outdoor entertaining season begins. I love our patio, especially at night when the lights are twinkling and the soft summer breezes swirl.

Extreme Exteriors

Who doesn't love a fresh and crisp salad on a hot summer's day? The fresh veggies and fruit available from the farmer's markets make for endless combos of deliciousness!

I am a self professed lover of all things sangria - red sangria, white sangria...who cares? This fruity wine concoction is summertime delicious no matter what the color, lol!

Although not cool and refreshing, I totally have to put a plug in for my new found Keurig coffee that I found at ....Menards! Yes, Menards, the home improvement store. A box of 36 is only $8.98 - you read that right! Twice as many K-Cups for half the price. I 'll admit I first bought a box of it because of the price, but whoa! The Chocolate Caramel Brownie is my all time favorite, best ever coffee. Ever.Ever. Ever. There are lots of flavors to choose from, and at zero calories it is a guilt free indulgence.

Cameron's Coffee

There are so many things I love about this time of year, but thanks for joining me in this snapshot of some of my top favorites. What are your May faves?

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  1. Have to try that lemon custard shower gel!!! Do you know I LOVE shower gels and have never repeated any particular type all because I wanna try them all?!

  2. You have some great faves! I love getting to go down to my step son's ranch in May! April is even BETTER there but since that didn't happen - MAY will be perfect!!
    Since we keep our house open until it is SO hot we have to turn on the A/C - Mayflies abound!! Their presence is an indicator of clean water and a healthy environment so we don't mind them at all. Their life span is so short I end up vacumming them up in heaps!

  3. Love your list of favorites, Jane! I bet that shower gel smells real nice. Looking forward to fresh fruit and vegetables too from the farmer's market!

  4. I just love Philosophy shower gels! I did not know about the lemon custard though! I am intrigued by the ELF....must try that. I have seen those rings all over but haven't tried one on yet. Can't drink wine but I do love coffee. Not sure I can get that brand in NY though. Great round up for Spring!

  5. Wonderful post, Jane! I have to look for that gel, I absolutely love body wash. And the ELF product, that looks awesome. We have so much humidity here in the Midwest, I like to put my make up on in the morning and not have to fiddle with it.

    Saw your last post, that's a neat combo of colors! I'm picking out colors for my den and a guest room. I like the Heavy Cream.

    Just found your blog-love it!

    Jane x

  6. Haven't had Sangria in forever. I'm going to get a bottle so I'll have it on hand for summer company. And, I love summer sprays and light fragrances. Looks like it's time for me to get prepared for summer too. Good reminders.

  7. I enjoyed seeing your May faves! I never knew their was such a thing as a setting mist for your makeup! Huh! I learned something new.