Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hippie Tom's Farm Sale

Hi everyone!

There are few things I enjoy more than poking around a great flea market, antique mall or antique sale.  I was so excited to have Memorial Day weekend roll around with fabulous weather because just down the road from me is a fabulous place that is all those things rolled into one:  Serendipity Farm.  This farm is owned by none other than Hippie Tom of  American Pickers fame.  He holds sales at the farm several times of the year and this was the first of 2015.  

I can say with all honesty  there is no other place quite like Serendipty Farm.  There is so much to see - Tom has acquired many old buildings and brought them back to his place, filling them up with odd bits of "stuff" from hither and yon.  So, join me on mainly a picture filled journey of my recent visit.

Where else but Hippie Tom's would you find bicycles hanging in the trees - as well as Christmas tree stands?

Just one of several outhouses on the property.

 The name of this old church made me chuckle....

Do you think that sign was meant for me?????

Besides old buildings and old junk stuff, there are meandering pathways filled with beautifully tended flowers and gardens.  Love this bleeding heart.

Tom even has merchandise with his face on it!

The hanging balls in the tree were made of styrofoam and are old fishing floats.  I love the way the milkcans on the left are stacked.

I found a few things in this pile of junk stuff that came home with me.

Think of the salon savings I could have if I picked up this hair dryer.  Bonus - it also reclines so it would be a dandy piece for the living room.

My finds of the day - two old signs.  They just called my name.  You can see Hippie Tom in the background on the right of this picture.  He is a really nice guy and takes time to talk to everyone.

The amount of things this guy has amassed is amazing.  It is not a place where you can walk in and find things you would want - you really have to dig. Still, it is a super fun "event" and a person can spend hours there just poking around.  If you like old farm sales, this would be a fun trip to make. His next sale is in October.

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  1. So cool!! I want to go!! What an awesome way to spend a day.

  2. That would be fun you never know what you would find.

  3. Oh my gosh, I would love Hippie Tom and his place. How fun. Looks like a really cool place and Tom sure looks like a happy soul himself.

  4. Wow.. Sounds like a really fun day full of neat stuff. Glad I wasn't there. I'm sure I would come home with way more stuff than I had room for.

  5. Would love to go. re his prices reasonable? Janice

  6. I have only watched American Pickers on tv a few times so I don't know that guy, but he definitely has a lot of interesting things to sell! It looks like a fun place to look around. I'm sure you never know what you might find!

  7. What a fun fun fun place to poke around in! I just love places like that. He looks like quite a character, too! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday-those are great pictures of you here! xo Diana

  8. What fun!!!! I saw him on Pickers and loved all his buildings and gardens.

  9. Wow how fun is that! I saw the episode with him on American Pickers. You're the first person I've ever connect with one of the places they've visited. Those episodes are so limiting as to what they let you see so this is fun to see everything more fully.

  10. I would have been eyeing those signs too! Great find. I had never heard of American Pickers until last week!! Thanks for the fun pics.

  11. I would so be there if it was closer!! Looks like my kind of place and I could get into a lot of trouble there!