Thursday, June 11, 2015

Farewell Dear Friend

Hi Everyone,

Just popping in with a quick post about some sadness in the Bluebird household that happened a few weeks ago.  After a short battle with liver cancer, our sweet, ten year old border collie passed away.  It is hard to believe that our vibrant, energetic pup is no longer with us.

He loved his hula hoop and was a master at throwing it up in the air by himself and jumping through it.

He also enjoyed playing and burying himself in snow during our Wisconsin winters (and sometimes spring and fall, lol).

He also enjoyed wearing Christmas sweaters and Santa suits.

Being a border collie, he could run and jump like nobody's business and enjoyed leaping over the seat wall of our patio.

He had a terrible thunderstorm phobia and could sense bad weather from at least fifty miles away. He could bark non stop for hours during a storm and no amount of medication, thunderstorm "gizmos" or other trickery helped him.  Thunderstorm season was not a good time around here - for any of us!

He was also not one for pictures - he absolutely hated the sound of any camera, which means we have very few pictures of him.  But no matter - our memories are in our hearts.

It's very quiet in our house these days.  We keep expecting to find a wagging tail waiting for us when we come home, or for him to come running as soon as he hears the back door opening.For the first time in 33 years, we are currently without a family pet.  We lost one of our cats in April 2014 and another in December 2014. And now, of course, our dog. It has been a rough time in the pet department here at the Bluebird house.

Although we are very sad, we are grateful to have loved and been loved by our dog for the ten years we had him.  He was a tough, naughty puppy and it took a while for our family to warm up to him.  But he eventually won our hearts in a big way and became an amazing dog.


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  1. Oh I am so sorry, Jane. You have lost a member of your family and I feel your pain. In March, we lost our Jack Russell mix, Hunter who was 12....very suddenly with out any warning. There is most certainly an empty place in your home and in your heart. Prayers for you and your family.

  2. I'm so sorry. It hurts so much to lose a pet because they are like babies to us.

  3. That's sad, always hard when our pets leave us.

  4. I am so very sorry, Jane. It is so hard to lose our pets. Sending you big hugs. XO

  5. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. I've lost several of our dogs in recent years so I understand that quiet house. We got our current fur ball about four weeks after I said I'd never get another. Hugs your way.

  6. Aaaahhhh, I am so sorry for your loss. What a great dog and friend.

  7. Oh, so sorry for your loss. He was a handsome fellow and I know you will be missing and grieving him. We all grieve differently, my husband wants to quickly go and adopt another dog as soon as possible. I didn't feel ready for another but eventually I did fall in love with our newer trio.

  8. I beleive border collies are the smartest dogs. My sister lost onedue to cancer and has another. They are so energetic too! Sorry for your loss, but you will always have the good memories. Janice

  9. What a terrible time. My first dog was half border collie and looked a lot like your dog except for lighter color. They are the smartest dogs without a doubt. Sorry for your hurt and your family's sad heart.