Sunday, June 28, 2015

There's A Plant Growing Out of The Baby's Head

Hi everyone!

I promise there is a good reason for my post title, but bear with me while I talk about a few other things first.  Patience, my friends, patience.

I've been a bit neglectful of my blog lately, but I confess things have been pretty busy around here and time has gotten away from me.  Besides a number of weddings, graduation parties and gatherings, I have been knee deep in cleaning and clearing out in prep for a rummage sale later this month.  I am really biting the bullet and downsizing in a big, big way!  Once the "junk" becomes some one else's treasure, I will be ready to get to all of the interior painting I've got planned for this summer!

In the meantime, I have some pretty pics from our great outdoors.  We have had plenty of rain so far this summer, which means every thing is currently lush and beautiful!  Usually around the 4th of July, Mother Nature turns off the water supply and things get a little brown - but I am staying positive and enjoying the beauty while it lasts.

My million bells hanging basket is one happy plant these days. I've got an all red one that is not nearly as jolly, but let's just admire the one that is happy.

I put a sun impatien in one of the old potato baskets I bought at the flea market last month. I love this vignette on the serving bar by our grill.

Although an early bug infestation made the leaves a bit lacy, our wonder roses are beautiful this year.

Mr. Bluebird decided we needed to expand the ring around our Cleveland Pear tree today, so we went from this......

To this!  I am excited to see the lantana fill in.

Before the little landscape project, we headed out to the once monthly flea market in Elkhorn and came across this gem......

Oh my goodness!  This particular booth had oodles of old dolls whose heads were cut open and now were sprouting plants and flowers. Some of  the dolls were missing their bodies and just their heads were made into garden stakes.  I've never seen anything quite like it, lol.  Annnndddd.....people were buying these things!  Just goes to show there is truth to the old saying, "One man's trash, is another man's treasure." Maybe I am not seeing the beauty, and I definitely don't want to offend any one who thinks it's cute.  Obviously, people were buying them so there is a market.

I will leave you with one more picture that my friend sent me from the same sale.  Somehow I missed this beauty.

What say you.....would you buy a doll with a plant growing out of their head?  Just curious.


  1. First off, pretty flowers. Second, I have a friend who takes dolls and makes them into weird space aliens as I call them. Old forks and spoons for arms, old spice tins for hats..and folks buy them. I don't see it, but she sells them. Good luck with your sale, Janice

  2. Your flowers looks gorgeous---we've had a lot of rain, too, and I have to replace some flowers that couldn't handle the saturation. Isn't that something---too much water!! Ha! The tree looks great with the mulch. That would be something I thought of and hubby would have groaned!!

    The dolls are bit weird for me. But maybe that's just me! ;-)

    Jane x

  3. No way! LOL! That is freakish to me, but maybe, for others, it's art?! Love your blooming garden dear Jane, the summer rain is doing it real good!

  4. Sounds like you have been a very, very busy girl this summer. Now, I, personally, think those baby heads are just kind of freaky!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!! xo Diana
    ps- Your gardens and flowers are just beautiful.

  5. Your roses looks so pretty with the old wheel! Ummm, no thank you on the dolls.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  6. Those baby heads are creepy!! Kind of funny and definitely a conversation starter though. :)

    Your flowers all look amazing. Love your roses.

  7. Good Morning,
    We went to the flea market in Elkhorn too and I saw that quirky booth with the plants and doll head planters. So weird but it did draw you into her booth lol! Love the roses with the old wheel so pretty. Happy new week.

  8. YES! I collect doll parts and heads are my favorite. I have planted doll heads in the past, but no longer do. No container gardens for us - too hot and dry. I am enjoying vicariously other blogger's gardens. Beautiful photography of your plants.

  9. Jane let me address that head first before I talk about the beautiful things in your post! I can't even imagine and I, too, hopefully won't offend anyone, but I really can't imagine! I am just at a loss for words for anything else to say. My antique doll, which I did a post on a long time ago, has a hole in her head, because she was unfortunate enough to be under a plate rail when we had an earthquake back in 1989, but to plant something in that hole!! I just put a bonnet on her!! Now, your million bells are to die for, How gorgeous. I like how you have made a bigger area under your tree and all your flowers are just beautiful and I am admiring your green lawn also as I'm afraid ours will never see that stage again..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  10. UHHH, NO! That is creepy to me. YOUR flowers however are beautiful! The ring around the tree looks great and will keep getting better!

  11. Your flowers and yard are so pretty! But no, my head hurts after looking at those poor dolls! You won't be seeing any doll planters here... :) ~julie

  12. Your flowers are beautiful Jane! I'm with you, I need to do some downsizing myself. I believe I would have to pass on the doll. I guess it's good we all don't like the same things!

  13. Yay! Looks like the problem with leaving you a comment went away. Must've had something to do with my computer. that baby doll head with a plant growing out of it is so weird! I don't care much for antique dolls anyway, so I guess this idea seems even worse to me. LOL! It certainly would be a conversation piece though. Hope you're having a nice holiday weekend so far.

  14. Your flowers are gorgeous! I'm not a doll lover, but there's something about repurposed creepy doll parts that makes me smile. I love it! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.