Monday, June 15, 2015

Sometimes You Just Gotta Fake It

Hi Everyone!

Now that summer is finally here, I have just finished up my flower planting and purchasing for the season.  I will probably add a few potted plants here and there as the summer goes on, but basically, I am done.

I love all my beautiful hanging baskets, my impatiens and zinnia beds and all of the other summery flowers I have in my backyard.  They make me happy!  But here's the deal, the front of our house faces south and we get absolutely pounded by the sun every year.

In fact, we have to replace our doorbell every year or two because the sun deteriorates it and then, it stops working.  We have tried cheap, average and pricy versions, but they are no match for the sun.  The sun's rays also wreak havoc on our shutters and they are desperately in need of a paint job.  (That, however, will have to wait until next year - in the meantime, I try to close one eye whenever I am in the front of the house, lol!)

  For twelve summers I have tried to keep flowers alive in my front planters and for twelve summers, said flowers have burned up by August or sooner. Always so disappointing. And costly. And a waste of time. And not pretty.

 So, now that you know my sunshine troubles, I need to let you in on little secret I have decided to keep (but tell all of you)!  This year I have decided to fake it. Yep, fake it right in my own front yard!

I purchased faux flowers from JoAnn's for 70% off and filled up my porch pots.  Obviously, if you examine closely, they aren't real - but for the most part, I am very happy with how they look. No, not for the most part - I am THRILLED with how they look.  Most importantly, they aren't dead or crispy or shriveled.

Aren't these crazy roosters fun? Picked them up in April at Hobby Lobby. They look so cute with my faux blooms.

 This picture shows one of two other large planters that flank our garage door. I'm going to put wood chips around the flowers to make things a bit more realistic.

I know there are a lot of faux haters out there, but I say faking it is way better than shriveled up flowers or none at all!  

And as Taylor Swift says, "And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off
Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off."

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  1. I LOVE your flowers!!!! We have a similar problem with our front yard! I have Texas native plants where I can and we must WATER EVERY SINGLE DAY all others. The roses like the sun - if they get water as well. I will be on the look oit for clearance flowers (FAKE!) and stock up to replace the ones that DIE along the way this year!!
    LOVE your idea!!!!

  2. Your flowers don't look fake at all! The roosters are an adorable addition too. I understand about that west's just so hot!!

  3. Jane, I just love this post and to be really honest, I didn't have a clue that the flowers were faux until I read they were. I went out to take pics of my hydrangeas and the butterfly bush this afternoon and they were both wilting. So hot and we could get reported if we are caught wasting water! Bummer!! So, you shake it off, girly. You done good!..xxo Happy Monday..Judy

  4. OMG Jane I thought they were so real.How clever of you. Janice

  5. I have fake flowers in my garden too but for another reason, as Drummy pecks at anything new if I have fake flowers around the new plants she leaves them alone, I guess she thinks they are all plastic.
    Your pots look good

  6. Wow...they look so real! Good for you---why do we frustrate ourselves over and over? Love!!!

    Jane x

  7. Jane,
    I am a real flower girl but I have to say these look amazing. They look real. Love the roosters how cute are those?!!!
    The new faux flowers looks so real so if those give you a pretty look and no watering I say you go girl!

  8. Well, no HATE coming from this girl....these look WONDERFUL! And you better keep your eye on those roosters! I may just come and hunt you down...some morning they may just turn up! Seriously, this really looks great!!

  9. They really do look good!! A word of warning, they will fade, especially the green leaves, but that should take a few summers. Love the roosters too! Good solution!!!

  10. I LOVE the Roosters. I think the planters are perfect and sometimes, you have to join 'em if you can't beat 'em. So go with the fakes and know you have a nice looking because dying plants are all that great to look at.

  11. Well, I'm not a hater! I'm a supporter. I have fake flowers in my home and think it's fine to put them outside when the real ones won't make it. Yours look very real too! Your neighbors are going to want to know your secret! LOL!

  12. Whoa!! I can't believe those are not real! I have to tell you that I'm inspired by this. I am working a lot of hours now and don't have the time for real flowers but I miss them! I'm going to check some out and see if I can fool the neighbors!

  13. Well they certainly look real in your photos Jane! I say it is way better to fake it than to watch those poor flowers die each year. I think you planters look beautiful and I love love love your roosters! Thank you so much for sharing at SYS and happy summer to you!
    XO Barbara

  14. Those are way! I can't believe how real your flowers look Jane and those roosters - A D O R A B L E!!!

  15. I do that too! Love your arrangement though!