Monday, September 28, 2015

Workout Room Early Details

Hi everyone!

I have been a bit missing in the blog world lately (how many times have I said that over the years?!), but with the start back to school and several projects on the burners....well, you know the rest of the story.

So, what to do, what to do?  I hate leaving my blog languishing in no man's land and decided to give you some early details on our guest room turning workout room.  I started this room in mid-August. Reality is, this room won't be done until the middle of October or so...but, I have made a bit of progress.

First, let's reminisce:

This is what our guest room looked like in 2012.  Looking back, it was pretty cute!  (and ~sigh~ my sweet buddy was still with us at that time). This picture is from my most viewed post of all time. We later added in the twin bed my daughter used in her college apartment, giving us two beds in this tiny room.

In 2013, I switched my color scheme over to cream, gray and gold.  Mr. Bluebird hung up this cool Mason jar lamp in the window, where the desk was moved. I am keeping that light  in the workout room. I have more lighting to have installed - three fixtures to be exact, with a price tag of under $7.00 each! 

Onward we go to 2015!  I am going for an industrial farmhouse vibe in this room.  I chose Gibraltar Gray for....the ceiling! Yeppers, the ceiling.  And boy, oh boy, do I love it. LOVE. IT.  I originally was going to  paint it one shade darker, Phantom Mist.  At the paint counter, I made a quick change and chose the GG.  It's perfect - even Mr. Bluebird was wowed by it, and honestly folks, he usually doesn't notice the paint color.

Milk Paint went up on the walls.  The creamy color really softens the gray and keeps it from being too stark.

Look at that crisp paint line! Oh my gosh - it is gorge.  Want to know my secret?  I will be sharing it soon and although I sadly was not the originator of this incredible trick, it is simple and easy to do. Works like a charm!

Mr. Bluebird likes to keep a tally sheet of his workout times, so I thought it would be fun to paint our cheapy bi fold closet doors with chalk paint so he can do just that.  They turned out beautifully and really add to the room.  These doors are a dime a dozen (well, practically!), so I had no qualms about painting them.  If they ever need replacing for re-sale, they are an easy, inexpensive fix. In the meantime, chalk it up!

I have another project planned for this room that I am crossing my fingers will be the "wow factor." It involves a $26.00 sheet of faux brick paneling and a few other things.  I am working on the details as we speak!

We removed one of the single beds, but decided to keep the other in the room for guests.  A few pillows gathered from my stash and a trip to Marshalls, and now we are using it daybed style in front of the window.  A Pottery Barn daybed cover and daybed skirt dress the bed, but they are in such a wrinkled state that you will have to wait to see them.  They are in smoke gray matelesse and are perfect! Palmer already has been snoozing away and enjoying this cozy spot.

The beginnings of a gallery wall.  The large mirror is black iron - picked that beauty up at Marshall's today. The little mirrors looks like gears and are just cheap plastic, $10 for the trio.  I also found the vintage steam pressure gauge, sprinkler escutcheon and watchman's box at a flea market yesterday. The barn star is one I have had for years - just gave it a coat of silver spray and sanded it up. Still looking for a few more items before I start playing with the arrangement.

On one wall, I have a large Stickley cabinet I found at an estate sale about 33 years ago.  I had considered painting it, but now I am kind of enjoying the contrast of the wood.  Stained it stays.  On top, three WalMart party buckets that I will be filling with two additional snake plants,  These are perfect for a north facing room that gets very little sunshine. Those big, honkin' paws belong to five month old Palmer - who weighed in at a svelte (?) 56 pounds this morning at the vet!

And there it is....the thing that started this whole guest room re-do.  I think it needs a name, don't you?  I will tell you that I have had quite the workout just working on the workout room! Yikes. But, I am looking forward to using this room, getting fit and being healthy - so it has been worth the blood, sweat and tears.  

Stay tuned for more updates on this room.  I also haven't forgotten to share our master all styled and pretty - I am still enjoying the bare walls for a bit longer.  I am also hoping to find something wonderful to hang on the wall when I go to the Route 66 Antique Mall in October.

I hope September has been good to you.  Please check back for my painting tip later this week - it will be so worth it, because it is easy and amazing! A true, "why didn't I think of that"  kind of tip.

Thanks for stopping by,

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  1. Life happens, don't worry about it Jane! Buddy seemed like a great dog, I'm sure you miss him all the time and that bedroom too! Lovin' all the details i see here, can't wait to see more!

  2. Oh my gosh----so many great choices! I love the gray, it's hard to find the right one. Good for you!!!!

    Jane xx

  3. I love your gray, too!!! The ones I chose for my hall and part of the den are in the blue gray family and I really should have gone for the green gray - but I was afraid it would look dirty gray. Grays are hard and I LOVE yours!!!!

  4. So looking forward to seeing the completed project!