Monday, September 7, 2015

A Peek Inside the Master

Hi everyone!  I have a few more shots of our master bedroom.  It is dangerously close to being done, but I am kind of enjoying the peaceful, clean, undecorated look for now and am taking a short breather before I add in too much decor.  

Let me take you back here.  I did a re-do of our room last year, staying with the old wall color because I had neither the time nor the energy to re-paint.  So,  in an effort to "re-do" with out actually "re-doing," below is the result.  It was so awful that I couldn't even print it in color!  It didn't look so bad in black and white, lol. But to me, it looked dirty, cluttered and depressing.  (Brace your eyes, a color photo is at the end of this post - for those of you brave enough to look!)

Enter a new year and a new day.  I have lots of energy (still short on time, lol!) and this was one of the rooms I wanted to tackle before summer vacation got away from me.  My inspiration was the blue and floral bedding from the Chaps line at Kohls.  It just spoke to me. And in the cart it went.

I found the Mr. & Mrs. ticking stripe, down filled pillows at Marshall's and again - it had "me" written all over it. (and you thought it had Mr. &  Mrs. written all over it, ha!)

The first order of business was to paint over the dreadful dark gray green paint I thought was the answer to my prayers here.  It wasn't long before I hated it. Hated. It.  HATED. IT!!!!!   Those are strong words, I know, but "intense dislike" is not enough!

I chose a pretty green called Canary Grass.  It is one of those colors that is hard to come by.  During the day, with the sun shining in through the windows, it looks like a creamy white, with just the slightest hint of green.  At night, the green seems to intensify and gives the room a cozy feel.  Perfect! I really lucked out on this paint color.  It is very hard to find a "warm" green that doesn't have a lot of yellow in it.

I did have a painting buddy who had a bit of a mishap the first day of painting.  As you can see, Palmer managed to get a bit of paint on both ears!  After that, he was a champ and patiently watched me finish up without so much as another drop of paint on his fur coat.  Not bad for a four month old pup!

I hung new matchstick blinds with privacy liners.  Previously, we had roller shades - which I really liked for  many years.  However, I needed to move some of the dark color of our furniture around the room and these work quite nicely. Yep. Those are valances you see.  Yep.  I know they are not considered fashionable. Yep. I like them anyway. Nope. I am not going to be in a home decor magazine any time.  I am also not going to be in Glamour magazine either and that doesn't stop me from using mascara or nail polish! :)

I am pretty stoked about how my burgandy wing back took to chalk painting! This picture was taken before the final coat was completed on my wing back chair.  I will show you the true "after" picture soon - it turned out far better than I imagined!  There is a big flea market coming up in my area, along with a scheduled trip to the Route 66 Antique Mall, where I will be on the lookout for a mantel/surround for my little fireplace.

Not very stylin' and yet, one of the best accessories our room could have, is our new puppy's crate.  He won't need it forever, but for now it is a necessity! The dog bed is super cute and goes with the room perfectly.  It was an Amazon purchase and details will be coming soon in another Pawsin' With Palmer post.

Another little ongoing project for the master redo that involve our pup is the updating of this little aqua stool.  Our bed sits pretty high and Palmer has difficulty jumping up to take a relaxing snooze.  He needs a little help!  Right now, he is using an old tool box/step stool - not old as in cute, vintage, rustic.  Old as in Rubbermaid plastic.  The wooden stool has been painted blue and is awaiting some distressing and wax.

And now.....for the first time in living color....look if you dare....

This is the incredibly awful look of our master bedroom a month ago.  Even with a pricy camera, I simply could not get a good picture of this area, but no matter.  It was not the least bit attractive - even my Canon Rebel knew! I think horrible would be an appropriate adjective. There are parts that are cute, but thank you.

Fast forward to today, and while not completely finished, let us bask in a much calmer, cleaner vibe, shall we?  Ah....peace has been restored. This shot is later in the afternoon and you can see the "green-ness" coming out of the wall color.

For now, I am enjoying this space with nothing but this sign hanging on the wall and no other decor in the room.  I am spending some time really thinking about what to add in and really don't want to rush it. I will be back one of these days with it all styled up and looking "done."  You will get a full look of the room then. Stay tuned for the chalk painted chair & stool post, though - those will be coming at ya soon!

Lastly, good bless all of the workers of this country - no matter your job, you make the U.S. great!

Thanks for stopping by,

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  1. I like all the colour in your home so many paint everything white these days, it always ends up looking like a hospital to me .

  2. No this just makes me feel happy and cheery!

  3. My cat hit publish, seriously I meant to say Now and finish with happy colors and sweet textile touches in your room warms my heart.
    Crazy cat!!!

  4. Palmer took one for the team. Looking good! Janice

  5. That green is my favorite, I have a shade darker in my livingroom, and everything looks wonderful with it. Love the chair, did you really paint it with chalk paint? That's amazing. I ran across a post today where someone had 'sprayed' an old gold/green/rust 1960s nightmare with rit dye. Enjoy your post, and will be anxious to see the final reveal! ;-), Sandi

  6. I think you hit it right on the head, Jane. it wasn't that the original was awful but it wasn't as "calming" as you have it now. I think it is very pretty and I LOVE your valances! I think we have to do things we love and to heck with what is considered "in". I have painted furniture, too, but not with chalk paint-I used regular old latex and it holds up beautifully. xo Diana

  7. It is looking so pretty!!! LOVE that ticking and the pretty colors! Makes you feel GOOD to get a job DONE!

  8. Jane you have such amazing finds in your bedroom....they add so much personality!!! LOVE IT

  9. You hit on a great color with the Canary Grass! I have a similar shade in my dressing room and bathroom and everything looks good with it, and yes, it changes color beautifully through the day.

    Your new bed linens are gorgeous!

  10. Jane the new color in the room is so pretty and I love the bed linens. The room is coming out so pretty.

  11. Oooh...the new color of is very even looks good on Palmer's ears! (smile) I have been where you were too...thinking something was going to go so good together and then there's that moment when you realize something wasn't working...I think it happens to us all. And we should also decorate with what we like, not with just what's in style. I love wallpaper and after several years of not having any, I'm about to change that!

  12. The new room just makes you want to SIGH....and relax! So soothing now! I never knew you could get matchsticks with privacy liners!!! Where????? Please let me know. We have been in this house almost 3 YEARS and still don't have nice window treatments in our master.

  13. Hi Jane :)

    I love the changes to your bedroom. The color really is lovely. I think it's almost as hard to pick out a green as it is to pick out a yellow, but you did great :)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment!