Sunday, March 23, 2014

It All Started With a Little Soap

Not too long ago, Mr. Bluebird and I were shopping at Marshalls and I came across this gem.

Isn't it cute? I just love the old fashioned label and the amber glass looks so vintage.  It is also a     h-u-g-e bottle and on top of that, it is filled with a heavenly scented hand soap.  I especially liked that it was truly a glass bottle and not plastic.  For $7.99, it came home with me!
I knew I wanted to put it in our first floor powder room.
I have had this picture for several years now.  It was not expensive - a Kirkland's find, but it speaks to me for some reason.
So, after I placed the new soap, I moved and tweaked and tweaked some more.  Down came my red pin striped Pottery Barn ticking stripe towels, and out came my much more springy blue ones.

I added a sweet little bird and a "nest" plate to the back of the commode.

Here it is, all freshened up for spring.....a "faux" demijohn I picked up at Marshalls last year and a little potted plant to add some life to this windowless room.  Here you can see my stenciled ceiling I did in 2013.   Still love it!

So, changes to the powder room all started with just a little bit of soap......

I will be back later this week with a project Mr. Bluebird did for me over the weekend.  Hope you will come back to check it out!  Also, I would love it if you would "like" my Facebook page - just click on my Facebook button and it will take you there!
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  1. Your room looks clean and fresh and hurry up Spring!!!!
    I would like, but I don't do Facebook...sorry.
    Have a wonderful week this last week od March.

    1. Thanks Earlene! Hope you have a great last week of March also.

  2. I love the look you have achieved , its perfect!

  3. Jane- I LOVE real glass containers, too-and if they have really vintage looking labels I love them even more. Your powder room is looking pretty Springy. Great job on the ceiling. That must have been quite a job- xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! The stenciling wasn't all that bad - a little rough on the neck, but since it was a small room it was done in a jiff.

  4. Haha - don't you just love it when one thing leads to another! We had a small flood in our laundry room (darn hot water hose broke!), which eventually led to a whole house re-do of all the floors! But then, the walls looked a little shabby, so we had to paint those. Then, wouldn't you believe it, the bathrooms looked a little dated - new tile, vanity and shower doors. Whew! It never fails! Your ceiling is gorgeous! It looks like a light blue with a silver (?) stencil. Nice. Oh, and I also love Marshalls, Ross, Home Goods, TJ Maxx......... Oh, I just love to shop!!

  5. Love your bathroom and the decor is so pretty. Great job. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty