Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear John (Demijohn!),

Yes, I am writing a dear John letter today.  But don't worry, Mr. Bluebird isn't getting the boot, oh no.  I am hear to tell you about how two amazing demijohns - dear demijohns - came into my life over the weekend!  I know many of you folks love those demijohns and I am noooooo exception.  Problem is, there seems to be a severe shortage of them in Wisconsin - so severe in fact, that I have never seen a single one for sale  at a flea market, antique shop, or anywhere else for that matter.  I have a few wicker wrapped wine bottles, but not true demijohns.

 I did however have the chance to behold two beauties at an amazing Italian restaurant about 30 miles from my home.  It's a little restaurant that has been there for generations.  Located near a once bustling industrial area, it served up delicious Italian lunches to workmen and wonderful Italian specialties in the evenings back in the day.  My dad was a mail carrier in this city, and as a young man worked in a few of the area factories, and I have no doubt he partook in their fabulous meatball sandwiches and Italian bombers a time or two.

The factories have long since gone for the most part, but this little restaurant remains - run by the same family, with the same delicious and authentic recipes.  The décor has not changed over the years, there are decorative plates, advertisements, etc. It is truly a step back in time to the 40's, 50's, & 60's. A gem.  They have very limited hours these days and with crime a bit of a problem, are rarely open in the evening.  We have a group of about forty or so friends who reserve the entire restaurant once or twice a year for the night and we are served incredible helpings of lasagna and mostaciaolli. So yummy!

When you enter this small restaurant, you are greeted with the coat rack/shelf.  On top of this shelf you find two gorgeous, gallon sized demijohns collecting dust! Oh, it was love at first sight.  I became obsessed with those beautiful things! I especially loved that one of them had most of it's label intact and the other had some it's label still on.

The next time our group was there, I asked the owner to think of me if he ever decided to sell one of them as I would be glad to take it off his hands! He kind of laughed and said those bottles have been on that shelf for as long as he could remember......at least forty years.  But, alas, they did not come home with me that night. I don't think he believed any one would really want one of those old, dusty things.

This past Saturday we, again, were there with our friends and it was my lucky night apparently as he said he would sell me one for $20 (whattttt?????) and after thinking on it, he decided to give me the extra for free!  I thought I would cry or pass out or both!  I cannot get over his generosity.  I love those darned demijohns and they are so special to me, knowing they are from a place we love to go to and knowing the owners themselves.  The history alone is priceless.

I don't know if I will ever find another demijohn, you know how those collections go - you always seem to want more, but I do know that none will ever be as a special to me as the two I received Saturday night.

How about you? Any collections with great stories?

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  1. Wow! That is amazing, Jane!!!! I am just thrilled for you. The best part is that they came from a place that you know and love...so the history part is priceless. GREAT BUY!!!!! xo Diana

  2. Wow! Lucky you! It's like you only paid $10/ea for them. They look great on your mantel.

    1. Thanks so much Kelly - it is a deal that will be hard to beat, plus they have so much meaning on top of it all!