Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blue? Who Knew?

Hi everyone!

Here we are - the 20th of January already. These early weeks are just flying by.  I have a quote on my chalkboard right now, "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" At the rate this year is going, spring will be knocking at my door before I know it. (Never mind the snow in tomorrow's forecast!)

Let's talk about blue.

These days, I don't use a lot of blue in my home decor. I do have a blue ceilinged powder room, but that's about it. Years ago, I had tons of what was called "country blue" - I even had blue plaid counter tops in our kitchen. Don't judge - it was "all that" in 1989 when we built that house!

Perhaps that is the reason I haven't used much blue these past years. Who knows? Actually, I am just a warm color girl and blue is on the cooler spectrum.

But, wait! I've let some blue slip in recently. And....I am really liking it in this small dosage.

I've been sharing recently about the cabinet and blue willow pieces I received from my mom after her move. I have been playing around with styling the cabinet and since my mom always, always had blue willow in said cabinet, I decided to try incorporating a few pieces into my vignettes.

I put some ivy in an old cream pot, next to a black metal chamber stick. I opened one of the drawers and used it as display space.

I also put one of her blue platters inside the cabinet, and layered in a depression glass cake stand and Jadite pitcher. I like the pop of blue with the warm colors...adds some spice to every thing.

In small doses, I am really enjoying the blue. Who knew?

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  1. I've displayed blue & white transferware in both of our homes for decades, and I've yet to tire of it! I also decorated with country blue during the 80's. :o)

    I have the same creamer with a faux violet planted inside.

  2. I love it Jane!! That last photo is so pretty!

  3. Welcome to 'my world' Jane! Love your lovely vignette!

  4. Our weather is very warm at the moment so blue is great inside the house so cool.

  5. I have been collecting blue and white porcelains for about 30 years now and love them. Most are from Japan and China and I don't think they will ever go out of style. Love the pieces you have.

  6. I had blue check furniture in the 80's, blue carpet and blue walls. I still enjoy my blue prim cabinets...so I guess I am a true blue kind of gal. Love your lil vigniette. Janice

  7. Oh, I'm not judging your 80's décor. I had blue then too. It was a very popular color then (like grey is now). I like your blue items in the cabinet. Blue goes with so many things and is really classic.

  8. I love this! I would kinda like to have seen your countertops! I love Blue Willow and that little pot with the greenery is so charming! The platter is lovely too! I'm beginning to have lots more blue in my home. Thank you so much for your kind visit.
    Be a sweetie,

  9. I had everything Williamsburg blue back in the day.. and tons of country decor! Remember the geese stuff? I didn't use blue for a long time and then I painted my bedroom a blue gray color. I like your little peeks of blue. I think the dishes are so pretty and never go out of style. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  10. Hi Jane. I used country blue way back when also, but the only difference is I kept using it!. I, too, inherited my mom's blue willow pieces and display them in my dining room hutch. When we moved into the Cottage almost 30 years ago, we put the blue wallpaper in the parlor and still have it. For some reason it is a very comforting color for me. I guess I'm stuck with it..I love that platter you have in your cabinet..Happy Weekend..Judy