Thursday, January 8, 2015

Brain Freeze

Hi Everyone!

This is one of those brain freeze posts....a little of this, a little of that.

I know you must be tired of my weather rants this week, but seriously - IT IS COLD!!! Bone chilling cold. I would like to say we were able to hunker down at home and be cozy & comfy, but Mr. Bluebird is still recovering from knee replacement surgery so we have been out and about to physical therapy and a stop at his office.  We are home for the evening now, though, and we are very grateful to have a warm place to be. My heart really goes out to those who have to work outside or  are cold on night's such as these.

Brrrrr....a windchill advisory through noon on Saturday.

Even the dog is feeling the chill!

Our Old Glory is blowing in the cold, winter wind.

The UPS guy braved the weather and delivered these veggie baskets from Plow and Hearth. I've been wanting these for awhile. One of them is extremely large, so I have to rethink where I am going to put them. Hope to do a post on that soon!

Definitely a "three dog night" ahead, but we will make do with our one!

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  1. You know I've been slacking Jane, but it's the first time I've seen your photo and YOU ARE ONE LOVELY LADY!!!!!! It's so nice to put a face to your name, both lovely I may add. Happy new year to you and your family! And yes, I'm not loving all this frigid cold! I'm even hoping for some snow right now where I'm at so at least some part of this coldness will be beautiful to me! Hahaha! Stay warm!

  2. You are entitled to rant about the weather since you have to endure it! I love the veggie baskets you ordered. I could use one of those for potatoes.

  3. Parker looks straight up psycho in those pictures lol. He hates the camera.