Sunday, January 11, 2015

Memories & Momentos

Hi Everyone!

I am writing this post while watching the Packers/Cowboys playoff's helping to relieve the stress! It's been a big football week around here...of course, it's exciting that our Packers are in the playoffs but an added twist is Tony Romo, the Cowboy' s quarterback, grew up just a few miles from us and Is a hometown favorite. Still rooting for the Pack, though. Sorry Tony!

Now, on to some decor additions to the Bluebird house.

My sweet, almost ninety year old mom recently sold her home and moved into an apartment. This all happened quite quickly and  meant doing quite a bit of downsizing.

For most of their lives, my parents lived an "American Pickers" kind of lifestyle and our house growing up was filled with an ever changing array of junk antiques. One thing that was a constant in the home I grew up in, and later in the house my parents spent the past thirteen years in, was this pine cabinet.

My mom was a whiz at refinishing and turned this battered cabinet into a thing of beauty. She always had it filled with her prized collection of Flow Blue and Blue Willow. Now, this cabinet has a prideful place in our living room. It balances the room out perfectly, as our large entertainment center is on the other end of the room. I am looking forward to filling it with treasures! I love having meaningful pieces in my gives our home a soul.

I found a roll of $3.00 shelf paper that I plan on tacking to the inside back of the cabinet to help things displayed stand out a bit. I thought about painting the back,but once you do that, there's no turning back...not ready for that commitment! I will try the shelf liner for awhile.


I did keep a few of mom's Blue Willow pieces, like this super pretty creamer. It's chipped, but I still like it. I think I will put a little potted plant inside. The spice cabinet was a recent purchase from my favorite antique mall. I was going to hang it in the kitchen, but am thinking about using it somewhere less expected. Stay tuned for that!

I leave you with a picture of my mom. Probably the hardest working and positive-minded person I've ever known! I am hoping she will enjoy this next phase of her life and enjoy the new friends and activities available at her new home.

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  1. That is a lovely cabinet and wonderful that it is a family piece as well. Hoping your mother settles in well to her new home.

  2. I LOVE that pine's a wonderful family heirloom! Well wishes to your mom in her new apartment!

  3. Love old cabinets. It will be a wonderful piece to have in your home. Best wishes to your mom!

  4. That's a wonderful cabinet. I think the red checked paper will look really cute too!

  5. Your mom looks so sweet. Best of luuck to her in her new home. Apartment living will probably be easier for her. I love the cupbaord you inherited from her..but being an antique owner, I do so cringe when someone paints an old piece as it loses its character. Love your spicebox..cannot wait to see where you place it. Janice

  6. I love what you shared about your mom - she sounds like an amazing lady! Her description reminds me of my own mom. :) LOVE the cabinet... what a special piece. Blessings, ~julie (

  7. Jane, first let me say that your mom is beautiful and looks very young. I hope she will enjoy her new home. I absolutely love the cupboard. We had one almost identical years ago and have since sold it (wish not). A little secret, our inside was painted white and I really loved how the dishes stood out and looked so old fashioned in the cupboard, but leaving it like it is will be so pretty too. Most of my pretty dishes are crazed or cracked somewhere. I just use them for display and you can always camoflage with a plant or something. You will get many years of enjoyment from your new possessions..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  8. The cabinet is beautiful! You can tell how much care you mom took in it. I hope she's adjusting well into her new apt.

  9. Such a beautiful cupboard, so nice to have family pieces. Your mom is beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  10. What a charming cupboard and blue willow is one of my favorites.


  11. What a pretty cabinet and how special to have a piece with so many memories-its a beauty!

  12. I love that you kept your parents cabinet. It is a beautiful piece of furniture and holds so many memories. I'm sure that your Mamma will enjoy seeing it placed in your home and being loved :) We will be watching the Packers/Seahawks game . . . sorry but we'll be rooting for our home team . . . Go Seahawks!
    It with be an exciting game and may the best team win.
    Keep smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  13. Loved your post. Like the spice cabinet and the pine cupboard. Good luck to your Mom. WHat an example for all of us.

  14. Now I know where you get your good looks and positive attitude Jane! Your mom is beautiful and I'm sure she is very happy to see some of her loved home decor in your own home!

  15. That's a beautiful picture of your mom! I'm sure you will enjoy having some of her things in your home. That cabinet is so nice!

  16. I love your pine cabinet and I love Blue Willow. Your mom is beautiful !...Christine

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