Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cold, But Cozy

 Hi everyone!

Today has kind of been one of those lazy days at home - puttering around with this and that.  It's a nesting mode. We have hit the deep freeze here in Wisconsin, so a fluffy blanket, fuzzy slippers, magazines and my Kindle are my best friends!

A midst this unfortunate turn in our weather, I have been enjoying the best coffee EVER MADE!  This is a huge endorsement coming from yours truly because I am not a big coffee fan. However, I read somewhere that coffee is good for you and actually can help with weight loss - sign me up on all accounts! This particular flavor for the Keurig is fantastic and smells incredible.  Try it out!!!

I kept this urn filled with evergreen and poinsettias out - I really am enjoying the pop of color and the simplicity of the arrangement. A cheery accent for these cold, blustery days we are experiencing.

Our little "Charlie Brown" tree we planted from just a seedling a few years ago - being brave against the elements! It's only about three feet tall. Just a pipsqueak.

Our garden shed stands strong in the wind and snow.

I have had the cute ceramic kitty in a window in our various homes since 1984!  For the past twelve years, it has peered out of our shed window.  I just love him - so cute.  

And this, ladies and gentleman, is a look at the week ahead for my neck of the woods.  Can you all say "Brrrrr!!!!!"

Time to go snuggle by the fireplace, pick up a magazine, and of course, check out all the inspiration in blogland - I think I will be doing a lot of that this week!

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  1. Oh no! That is too cold! We are still hovering in the 20's and 30's and I am fine with that! You have a lovely place to snuggle though, I'm not sure I would ever get out of that chair! Stay warm! :)

  2. I wonder where YOU are going to sit while I curl up in that chair :)

  3. That chair and blanket look so cozy....I love the plaid. We just got a Keurig as a Christmas present...those little individual coffes are expensive...I bought the individual thing to use and reuse with our own coffee ;-)

  4. What a cozy area you have. Cold temps here in Michigan too. Love your lil pop of red. Janice PS Your kiity peeking in the window is cute too!

  5. How nice. A hot cup of coffee and a warm cozy corner is all one needs on a cold winter day.

  6. Yes it's very cold...but that chair in your first shot looks nice and cozy for days like these!! Have a great week Jane and stay warm!

  7. What state do you live in again? I can't get over how cold it is there. We rarely see single digits here in GA. However, tomorrow is supposed to be very cold here compared to what we're used to. That coffee flavor sounds good. We have a Keurig too and really enjoy the ease of using it. Hope you continue to find a good way to stay inside and relax and stay out of the cold air!

  8. Your little tree is soooo cute! I've tried that coffee and it is really good! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...stay warm!

  9. Well, I just wandered in on a link from the "Dedicated House/Home??" and I know that you are now stuck with me!!
    Why you ask???? #1 I'm a Jaybird, so I should fit the scenery, and #2 I just ordered a very similar plaid and floral fabric for my den!! Imagine my surprise and delight, when I opened your blog, and you showed me just what my fabric choices will look like :^)
    Hopefully my weather report won't look like that one though, since I am in the middle of Texas where we have a balmy :^) 26° at noon....yikes.....and it is supposed to go down in the teens tonight! The birdies in our backyard were shivering this morning....we gave them a lot of extra seed, and broke the ice on the water pan that has running water....hmmmmm.....I wonder just how cold it was LAST night......
    Blessings to you,

  10. I love that you kept some reds around to cheer you up. With weather like yours, I would be a bit gloomy too! Your pictures are beautiful by the way!